Coffee and photography are children of our age. Both generate energy and both are fastly enjoyed. And neither needs to be decoded.And yet, for twenty years Lavazza has been producing calendars with the exclusive involvement of master photographers who have made history. Now, for the first time collected together in one book, Rizzoli introduces us to a parallel world of seduction, beauty and pleasure.

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Turin based giant Lavazza (owned for four generations by the famous Italian family) is not only a synonym of the ultimate life saving drink aka coffee (since 1895) but also well known for the annual release of legendary calendars, signed by the world’s best photographers, such as Helmut Newton, David La Chapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Miles Aldridge and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Celebrating twenty years from the release of the very first Lavazza calendar, all iconic frames are now wrapped in a luxurious coffee table book, published by Rizzoli, under the title “Lavazza : Con Te Partiro”.

And yes. Designed as an imaginary voyage of the senses in which the female figure becomes an icon and guide, the protagonists, sexy and alluring figures go hand in hand with Italia’s favorite coffee. As Francesca Lavazza, director of the company, points out, coffee and photography are very much alike, as they are both consumed quickly and the pleasure they give is instant. Apart from the gorgeous clicks, the book also includes illustrations by Italy’s master of erotic graphic novels and comix, Milo Manara, a notorious lover of the female beauty – plus scripts by Vincent Cerami (screenwriter for feature films by, among others, Bellocchio, Bertolucci and Benigni).

The coffee table book (how matching!) is edited by another Italian myth, star architect and designer: Fabio Novembre. Can it really get any better than that? No. Maybe.

Besides, the package also includes the 2012 calendar, where the protagonist, a girl, born in 1992, named Valerie was shot by our beloved Ellen Von Unwerth, known for transforming models into sexy and elegant heroines.

Lavazza: Con Te Partiro

Text by Vincenzo Cerami, Francesca Lavazza and Marco Testa

Edited by Fabio Novembre & Illustrated by Milo Manara

Hardcover, 175 pages

US price: $75


All images courtesy of Rizzoli New York

Image 1 and 5 shot by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Image 2 shot by Miles Aldridge.

Image 3 shot by Eugenio Recuenco.

Image 4 shot by Elliott Erwitt.