Le chocolat des Français is a new chocolate brand, with fantastic packaging design and 100% authentic, for your eyes and mouth only, designed by Paul-Henri Masson.

Paul-Henri Masson has collaborated with many illustrators and created a charming series of colourful and happy chocolate packages. Made traditionnaly in a small village in Ile-de-France, near Paris, Le chocolat des Français offers a selection of fantastic chocolate bars that are guaranted 100% pure cocoa butter to play with -almost all- your senses.

Do note this though, before becoming entrepreneurs, Matthieu Escande and Paul-Henri Masson were above all two foodies, passionate about chocolate and quite in love with Paris. So, between two bars, they tucked into specialised books and became genuine experts in chocolate. And what would seal their adventure and bring Le Chocolat des Français to life was their encounter with Jacques, an artisan chocolate-maker for 40 years. The two friends decided to go back to the French chocolate tradition and began to replant and redevelop cocoa bean farming in the French overseas departments and territories with the ambition of bringing the very first blend that was 100% Made in France to life. And they did exceptionally well.

You can get them online at their e-shop or at Colette Paris.