Flashback to the time, Paris-based studio DGT Architects set up an art installation made of 80,000 small plates, typically used for watch-making, called “Light is Time”. Talking about inspiration…

Light was born at the instant of the Big Bang, the universe’s beginning. From beyond the horizon, the rising sun slowly covers the Earth in light, shadows transform into different shapes, the seasons transit colors in nature and the waxing and waning of the moon changes. When humanity noticed these things, we unknowingly created the concept of time,” stated the architects.

Note: The artwork was commissioned by CITIZEN for the Triennale di Milano back in 2014. After the great success of “LIGHT is TIME” in Milano Salone in 2014, CITIZEN have decided to bring the installation home to Japan. The Aoyama Spiral in Tokyo hosted the exhibition of CITIZEN – where visitors were able to test and try the latest range of watches, discover the history of the watch company, watch the way the timepieces are made and see the numerous minute details of the components that make up a CITIZEN watch.

An eternal inspiration, up to this day.