Toronto-based artist Yang Cao paints faceless figures – and we feel, once again, very much inspired.

Yang Cao commenced his artistic education in fine art, oils, acrylic and sketching at Ontario College of Art and Design. From the beginning of his creative career, Yang has expressed an intense and insightful fascination with the expansive array of human emotions and sensations, which he perceives as connecting all persons notwithstanding their differences. The artistic exploration of these residues of emotion permit Yang to draw his audience into his creative expression.

Graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Yang Cao started his artistic career as a figure painter, showing in various galleries in Toronto. He has developed an interest in not only the physical beauty of the human figure, but also in the observation of human emotion and behaviour. Through blurred figures and ambiguous body language, his new body of work explores the deep emotional connections that people share. Cao effectively invites the viewer’s personal interpretation of the dialogue between the figures in his paintings as a means of emotional connection.