Salty Bag is a brand I came across to a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love. It’s all about handbags, totes and luggage, masterfully handcrafted in Corfu, Greece, from decommissioned sails. Magic words: reused, upcycled. The result is absolutely amazing: every salty Bag is a unique piece, you can rest assure, no two Salty Bags are ever alike. There are differences in texture, colour, stitching and paging, depending on how hard and how often each sail was used in its previous life.

Now, my favourite brand joined forces with a beloved, Athenian based brand, that of Zeus+Dione. A brand named after Venus’ parents, the Goddess that was brought to life by sea foam. To create a navy holdall with a silky twist (from Soufli, where the silk production has a long history dating from Byzantium ages). Which is probably the absolute best bag to hold during this coming summer. Its name is “Elani” and it comes in two sizes. Besides the fact that I am still incapable of choosing between “Elani” and “Mini Elani”, I honestly could not be any happier.

Oh, and do note this trivia: Elani is the name of a magical place in the peninsula of Chalkidiki, halfway on the road from Corfu to Athens. For two brands, sharing the same ethos, we can honestly add, they actually met halfway.