Award winning photographer Marina Vernicos has been engaged in Art Photography for more than 20 years. Her work has been exhibited in distinguished galleries and museums around the world, in Greece, Paris, London, Monaco, Italy, Cyprus, NY, Qatar and Korea.

And she sure is one of my favourite photographers ever. For nothing, absolutely nothing, says “Greece” louder and clearer than the crisp images she captures. One can almost feel the saltwater and wind just by gazing into them.

Having selected some of her most characteristic imagery, the artist has now created her own line “Marina Vernicos”, where part of the proceeds are donated to the non-profit organization CREAID ( – which supports underprivileged children in her country.

To keep a long story short, it was about time I finally met her in person and asked her everything I’ve always wanted to, ever since I stumbled upon her very first image. That has been haunting me, just like her wicked, emerald green eyes, ever since.




Which are your absolute favorite colors?

Black, white, gold.

Name  the person you have looked up to, while growing up. Who inspired you to the woman you have become?

My parents and my grandparents.

What is your favorite artist of all times?

James Turrell.

What is your favorite photographer of all times?

Helmut Newton.

Favorite destination to get away from all noise and be yourself.


Describe Greece using 3 words.

Beauty by all means.

Describe yourself using 3 words.

Kind, trustworthy, happy.

Your guilty pleasure?

Whiskey and Coca Cola.

Who would you ideally want to have dinner with tomorrow?

My husband.







What is the most important lesson you were taught while growing up?

To always mind my own business. 

What is your creative modjo?

Keep it simple.

If you were merely an image, what would it look like? Can you imagine and describe it?


Favorite image by another photographer that made you even a tiny bit jealous?

Happens everyday. They inspire me to be better.

Favorite motto to live by?

What goes around comes around. You better be nice.

How important is to you, to pass over with your work a certain message of ecology and green life? 

Very important. I have three kids and I want them to grow up on a green planet.





Why photography?

It’s the best way to express myself.

Was it something you were dreaming of even as a kiddo? 

No, it came naturally. It was my hobby.

How tough is it to mix strict business with strong creative emotions?

Not very. You get used to it.

Do you think that the way people think has changed over the course of the last years?

I hope.. I know, I’ve changed.

What does #MarinaVernicos as an artist stand for? 

It stands for photography, fashion and the art of giving.

Which achievement are you particularly proud of?

The official Instagram page chose my photo/video with more than 4,5 million views.

What are the most important messages you pass on with your images?

Serenity, beauty, dreams and memories.

What was you very own journey to Ithaca? And what is the idealised Ithaca today?

It’s an ongoing journey with my family.

Do you also pray, just like Constantine Cavafy, for “the voyage to be a long one”, as I suspect?

Cavafy was an atheist and I’m not. I pray in general. I have faith and the journey can take as long as it needs.

Where do you imagine yourself to be in –say- ten years from now, professionally speaking? 

Que sera, sera..

Describe a typical work day of yours.

Oh..It’s never typical..