New Limited Edition SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 is the result of years of sophisticated care and expertise. Nespresso experts selected promising fresh Arabica beans from the lush Colombian Highlands and stored them under certain controlled conditions to create a whole new sensory experience. Could this be your new favourite companion? Yes.

For the first time Nespresso is now offering coffee lovers the chance to taste an aged coffee. See, much like fine cheeses, wines and vinegars, coffee too can be expertly aged for a unique vintage result that is rich, mellow and deliciously velvety.

Aged coffee is a highly special and sought after coffee that has been deliberately aged over several years, allowing it to develop new sensory dimensions over time. Made from fresh Arabica coffee sourced from high altitudes in the Colombian highlands, SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 was harvested three years ago and then meticulously aged resulting in a complex taste with elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture.

With the launch of SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 we wanted to introduce an entirely new flavour with unique qualities. To do this, we took a concept that is well known in the food and drink industry and applied it to coffee. To age the coffee we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in very specialised conditions that we regulated constantly. Any miniscule change in the moisture, temperature, time, atmospheric pressure, light and oxygen conditions would affect the final taste. This carefully tailored process has resulted in an outstanding coffee with a very distinct flavour profile,” explains Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso.

Discover now this complex taste profile with elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvety texture (by the way, it’s Intensity 7).

And, keep in mind, the advice of the Nespresso coffee connoisseurs: enjoy it black. Yes, maybe it is time to swap out that glass of wine with a cup of hot, intense, aged Nespresso.