The AYFRAYM is a beautiful 1,574 square foot A-Frame Cabin, I came across a few days ago, clearly inspired by the popular vacation homes of the 1960s.

The AYFRAYM features three large walkout cedar decks, large custom windows, vaulted ceilings with rustic-modern wood beams. It includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of those bedrooms is a unique bunk room that includes 4 bunk spaces for comfortable sleeping. An upper loft with lookout windows at the very top of the cabin is a fun way to escape and get cozy with your favorite book.

Everywhere has designed a cabin-in-a-box service concept, which clearly aims to simplify the design and construction process for its customers. The AYFRAYM cabin can be built all around the world or shipped in pieces, starting with the purchase of its comprehensive construction plans.

Encompassing 1,574 square feet, the cabin’s A-frame design is inspired by the popular vacation homes of the 1960s. The founder of Everywhere, Winnie, based it on a cabin his grandfather had built in the decade after.

AYFRAYM contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a vaulted kitchen and living area, and an upper loft. One of the bedrooms can be turned into an office or a bunk room with 4 bunk spaces, or an office if required.

If interested, do visit: Everywhere.