Mengemas Rupa is an illustration series by Roby Dwi Antono, an Yogyakarta based artist, illustrator and graphic designer, who is heavily influenced by masters like Mark Ryden and Marion Peck.Bunnies, monsters, little girls, blood, sweat, tears, anger. All of them ingredients of Roby Dwi Antono‘s captivating artwork. Antono was born 22 years ago in Ambarawa, Semarang Indonesia. And now he is in Yogyakarta. His work is rich with elegant,  brilliantly detailed executions that simultaneously convey indulgence and careful yet beautiful, restrained control. Roby is driven by desire to constantly evolve which can be seen in his eidetic body of work. We absolutely love his world, where the humor is gleeful, impish, and sometimes unspoken in one single unsaid sarcastic comment.

Remember: the Pop Surrealist movement, an underground, pop-culture-infused art scene with its origins in 1970s Southern California. The term “pop surrealism” was coined by The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum for its 1998 exhibit of the same name. And Mark Ryden was dubbed “the god-father of pop surrealism” by Interview Magazine.