Lithuanian architecture and design studio Heima developed a mirror named ‘MUDU’ which stands out due to a sculptural silhouette when viewed from any angle. Created for design brand, the freestanding object appears like a common oval-shaped mirror featuring a painted steel framework, a glacier white Corian back with oak wood accents, and a full, round shape inspired by the full moon. The design studio used computer numerically controlled technology to produce a mould for the mirror’s conical shell. And afterwards Corian was heated until it became flexible, placed into the conical mould with a vacuum press.

We approached it as a piece of furniture rather than a house accessory”, said the designers of Heima studio. “MUDU – it‘s about two of us – Me and MyReflection. The better I look, the better MyReflection looks. Yet still over the years we have discovered – the first step to looking elegant in a mirror is looking at an elegant mirror”.

The design of mirror MUDU strives to break a standard misconception that mirror is a just flat object on the wall. Instead, it employs a sculptural approach, thus creating a volumetric piece of furniture. The shell of the mirror exploits the possibilities provided by CORIAN material – curved lines, uniform shape, durability. The production process of the mirror extensively uses latest technologies such as vacuum thermoforming and CNC milling.

The design concept is based on contrast. Solid volume against light wireframe, simplicity of shape against attention to details, curved shell against straight lines. The two distinct parts of the mirror – shell and frame – meet in an elegant wooden detail, which creates impression of one piece resting on the other.

The MUDU mirror is large enough to reflect the full body or the vastness of an entire room, characterized by a delicate, sleek, and uncompromising structure. It’s unusual shape is designed to be “observed from all sides”, and to fit into every kind of interior, whether classic homes or industrial lofts.