Australian seascape and ocean photographer Warren Keelan captures crashing waves from beside, and sometimes within their swell. Clad in a wetsuit he takes to the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia to photograph the dazzling curvature of waves right as they break.

International Award winning Warren Keelan, living on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, spends most of his days alongside or within the ocean, interpreting what he sees through the medium of digital photography.

And while Keelan has only been doing it for 4 years, he already has a keen eye for the waves. A native of the Australian coast, he has had plenty of opportunities to observe and study the waters. Now, he takes these gorgeous shots for us landlubbers. On the more technical side, he has tried out a 15mm Fisheye lens and a hand-held waterproof flash system in an effort to get even more stunning pictures.

I’ve always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean and its ever changing forms, and I am compelled to capture and share what I feel are special and unique moments in the sea. I love the raw, unpredictable nature of water in motion and the way sunlight brings it all to life, from both above and below the surface. For me, the challenge is creating an image that hopefully tells a story or leaves an impression on the viewer“, he says.

The waves are magnificent, often demonstrating a vibrant turquoise hue. Enjoy every last drop of them, Keelan!