Perfect coffee is no coincidence. And if, every time you sip your Nespresso, you feel the breeze in the tropics f Capricorn and Cancer, where the fruit of the Coffee Rubiaceae tree, coffee, grows, then you may well be someone very dear and special to Nespresso.

Yes, there is a contest. Yes, you may enter now. In fact, you should. All Nespresso Club Members should.

How you can do that? Piece of cake. Simply follow the steps described below:


1. Click here:


2. Answer all questions, concerning Nespresso.

Keep in mind that the 30 contestants with the absolute best scores, will be invited to the second round. Where they shall discover everything about the harvesting and agricultural process followed religiously by Nespresso that guarantees that only the best beginning holds the promise of an incredible cup of coffee.

The 10 best contestants that shall rise above from this second questionnaire, will be invited to another special seminar. There, they will not only meet Nespresso’s Coffee Ambassador, but will also perfect their knowledge on what constitutes the absolute best coffee there is. And they shall get ready for the final stage of the contest. Where they will undergo a blind taste test, to identify 10 special selection assortments.

The winner takes it all: he / she will travel to Brazil, to visit the brand’s coffee plantations, take part in the harvesting process, and breathe in every little detail that constitutes the absolute best coffee.

Watch out though: You should hurry up, if you want to take part. Gates to this paradise close on April 3rd. This is the last day you may enter the contest.


Good luck to you all!

May the Gods of coffee be with you!