For 2013 Nike continues to to reinvent the sport by setting up the next round of the #MakeItCount campaign that was first launched in 2012.

In 2012 Nike has put running back on the map like no other sportswear brand. Most interesting was their new approach to the sport, which was less about making specific global goals, but much more personal. Running 5km a week is still better than not running at all. Achieving 3000 fuel points a day is better than only getting 2000. A stand that we totally agree with. And so they started a global running movement and it is truly fascinating to see how the world around us got effected by it. As for the actual connection between running and lifestyle, oh it got emphasized too, with running shoes making a strong comeback off the track, both in the form of vintage trainers, with innovating elements that embraces social media and smart phones.

In 2013 Nike is back and continues to reinvent the sport. And what’s most importantly, everyone can actually #MakeItCount too. With the aid of the Nike + Running App everyone is able to measure the progress and compare his or her personal performances with all other participants worldwide.

And just by the way: Nike is also asking everybody to join them and pledge how they will #MakeItCount over the next twelve months. So whether your ambition is to run that first marathon or simply do more than you did in 2012, however you and your friends choose to #MakeItCount together, let @NIKE know.

So…What will you do to #makeitcount?