Just in to inaugurate the summer season, Orlebar Brown and Greek ilustrator, Konstantin Kakanias have joined forces in creating a tropical explosion, perfect for gentlemen around the globe – that I envy of. Seriously, I want all pieces, and I want them now.

Famed Greek illustrator and friend, Konstantin Kakanias (Mina Kakania, his little sister, not only is a dear friend, but also my very own, precious lifeguard, and only she knows exactly what I mean by that) has returned to OB for the second time with a collaboration depicting the vibrancy of the jungle, in his own inimitable style. Konstantin’s colourful paintings, inspired by the Mato Grosso jungle in Brazil and the fauna found there, demonstrate his artist flair and playful spirit. They have transferred his beautiful prints onto their swim shorts, OB-Ts and womenwear cover-ups.

Inspired by the Mato Grosso jungle in Brasil, Kakanias studied the exotic landscapes, beautifully applied upon a collection of t-shirts and swimwear. The playful collaboration turns garments into elements of the narrative, where vibrancy is revoked with colours and Kakanias’s unique style of drawing. The Greek artist is known for his design of textiles and comic-like works that work perfectly with Orlebar Brown’s summer offerings.

Orlebar Brown x Konstantin Kakanias collection is available in stores and online.