Maria Black brings an edgy elegance to sexy, street chic style. With supremely sleek lines, geometric shapes and interchangeable elements to create your own look. From delicate to dramatic and feminine to fierce. In a re-birth of contemporary cool, these pieces are the next BIG thing. Remember that name.

Danish-born Maria Black’s edgy jewellery is carefully crafted by hand. Each piece is interchangeable – stackable rings can be worn on fingers or toes, and earrings are designed to be mixed and matched.

Maria started out with a very pure approach to precious metals. Using only the metal as the medium, without the “distraction” of stones. Instead she focused on clean uncluttered lines, geometric formations, subtle textures and repeated patterns. From her travels she noticed the way Indians use every surface of the body for adornment. This inspired her to create delicate bands you can combine to create intricate patterns on your fingers or wrists. Almost like tattoos – but without the ink.

MBJ is known for an array of coveted musts. Such as multiple ear cuffs. Earrings you wear behind the ear and affix in front. Tiny rings you can wear up and down any finger. Bracelets with a chain linking them to rings. Including her best-seller Monocle necklace, with a circle that spins. Not to mention her Ri-earrings, inspired by reggae, R&B, pop, hip hop queen Rihanna, one of MBJ’s fans.

From Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Helena Christensen, Ke$ha, Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, Zoe Kravitz, Norah Jones and Lisa Marie Presley, to Sting’s daughter, Coco Summer, who also posed as a model for MBJ.

Unique to Maria is her signature concept of inter-changeable designs. Almost like Lego, pieces can be combined together in different ways, forming new shapes and patterns. The effect is akin to a kaleidoscope or collage. Triangles appear in triplicate and two halves make a whole in skinny rings. While necklaces go to great lengths to let you layer your own look. Pair one type of earring with a different ear cuff. Or wear the same rings on different fingers – and vice versa.

MBJ launched a Gold Diamond Cut Collection as part of the Spring / Summer 2013 line, seen in selected pieces using pure 18 K yellow gold and 14 K white gold. Cutting-edge techniques allow up to 460 facets on slim rings, which create the illusion of tiny, sparkling diamonds. Look for the subtle shimmer enhancing the linear, clean lines of Maria’s streamlined sense of style. Adding a sense of subdued sophistication to her edgy elegance.



MBJ’s minimalistic approach stems from Maria’s Danish roots. Born in Copenhagen to an Irish father and Danish mother, Maria grew up with the understated elegance of iconic luxury brand Georg Jensen. But the brand’s appeal is absolutely international. Her travels took her to Brazil, India and Ibiza, which sparked her passion to pursue jewellery design.

Maria is a master jeweller who trained for four years as an apprentice in Copenhagen and London, culminating in a Goldsmith degree with the highest honours in 2009. The crowning moment of her academic studies came when she won a design grant and received a personal congratulations from HRH Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

In 2010, Maria Black took the fashion world by storm with the launch of her eponymous line MBJ / Maria Black Jewellery. Maria currently lives in London where she works from her atelier. With frequent visits to her MBJ office HQ in Copenhagen, which saw the opening of her first flagship shop on the 4th of June 2013.