Introducing the magnificently wicked and naughty world of Marta Penter and her paintings.

Marta Penter is an artist based in Porto Alegre, South Brazil. Deeply interested in human connections, the 53-year-old artist decided to play hide and weak with intimacy. In her paintings, subtle expressions of body language convey entire personal histories and relationships.

Since an early age she has been connected to the world of arts, having attended to several art schools and art centers. She has currently dedicated herself to watercolour and oil on canvas. She has a contemporary realistic language which explores the domains of collective unconscious through images of personal antique objects and human figure through a time-space relationship. Her usually large paintings feature the highlighting of light and shadow effects, thus creating a unique intimate atmosphere. In her last series she has been shedding a new light to man and his world, rescuing the feeling of intimacy which has been lost in a globalized and immediate world.