In New York, the “Beauty is Power” exhibition at the Jewish Museum pays tribute to Helena Rubinstein. With paintings, jewelry and ready-to-wear pieces, the famous ‘Madame’ is celebrated thanks to Mason Klein, the exhibition’s curator. Pieces are on display until March 22, 2015.

Helena Rubinstein was the first entrepreneur to make her image into a brand. She could be considered the first female magnate in history” Mason Klein, a great admirer of the lady, patron and business woman, explains. He continues “Madame had a large number of houses, each one filled with all kinds of art, jewelry and sculptures“. Many of these are now exhibited at the Jewish Museum New York.

A one-of-a-kind woman, she is famous the world over because, Mason Klein believes, she “gave women the means to transform themselves.” For her, there were no such things as beauty standards. Every woman should learn how to make the most of her own beauty. The curator explains that he used the slogan “Beauty is Power” to express the idea that women could take control of their own beauty…and their lives! Helena Rubinstein encouraged women to learn more about themselves by going to her beauty salons. “In a certain way, she helped women to become modern.”

Throughout her life, Helena Rubinstein rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous artists in the world. She loved having her portrait done by them. Picasso was one of these artists, although it would take twenty years to convince him to draw her. “In 1955, Picasso finally agreed to make some sketches. He made over 30 drawings of the entrepreneur, calling it a ‘dossier’. The exhibition provides the first opportunity to see them exhibited in the United States” Mason Klein announces proudly.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a good reason to visit New York before March 22?