If anyone tries to reveal any connecting bond amongst Mara Desypris’ works being presented since last Tuesday at Camp gallery, Athens, titled “Random”, they will receive merely one answer: passion.

Mara Desypris seems to be placing herself in front of the camera, not idealized, yet bold, eccentric, provocative -like she as well looks under her black, butterfly sunglasses-, using high aesthetica vocabulary, strong dramatic innuendos and glam understatements (so as not to forget her fashion roots). Her heroines, resembling a modern Antigone, overcome any social norm or visual boundary, highlighting passionately and extrovertly that liberty is the ultimate value.

The balance between illusion and truth, dream and reality is vague, maybe because for the photographer herself this attractive, almost erotic incongruity composes a necessary, life giving power.

The exhibition includes analogue and unphotoshopped photographs, as well as a video art installation and is the first individual exhibition of the artist, curated by Filep Motwary and Dionysis Dimoulitsas, part of Ozon RAW Magazine‘s 4FASHIONSHAKE DAYS (runs at Camp / Contemporary Art Meeting Point until April 6).

Not to be missed.


presented by Ozon RAW:

Random  //  Mara Desypris  //  Camp

Until April 6


All photos courtesy of Filep Motwary (but: first image courtesy of Camp).