Luxury jewelry and watch brand, Chopard, has teamed with music’s well-known Rihanna to introduce the new “Rihanna Loves Chopard” collections of high jewels that will make their debut in stores this summer.

I have always been in love with Chopard’s exquisite jewelry, so to actually design collections with them is something I still can’t believe,” says Rihanna in a press release issued by Chopard. “It was a really incredible process and I learned so much! I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

The collaboration is not a total surprise, as Chopard, which regularly adorns celebrities with jewels for Red Carpet events around the world, has dressed Rihanna in its jewels before. However, the collaboration between brand and celebrity is a new approach. The collection is inspired by the singer’s home island of Barbados and includes colors indicative of the gardens and foliage there, as well as of the vibrant spirit of Carnival.

Chopard Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele, worked  directly with Rihanna in the making of the new high jewelry pieces to ensure they not only embraced Rihanna’s vision, but also underscored the brand’s well-known classic glamour with whimsical appeal.

The Rihanna ♥ Chopard Joaillerie Collection has a distinct look that revolves around sensual floral motifs set with diamonds and gemstones, as well as clean lines and geometric shapes. In fact, Rihanna brought new urban-chic influence to Chopard’s well-known Ice Cube line by adding colored ceramic to rose gold cubes made of 18-karat “Fairmined” gold  for a modern appeal. She even selected Jungle Green for the exact tone of the ceramic.  This capsule collection revolving around the Ice Cube motif will consist of nine styles.

Highlights of the Rihanna Loves Chopard Haute Joaillerie collection include bold floral earrings in white gold and titanium set with an array of colorful gemstones such as  Paraiba tourmalines, rubies, amethysts, tsavorites, green beryl, pink, blue and yellow sapphires and more.  In contrast to these bold pieces, tehre is also a highlight floral drop diamond earring set made in 18-karat Fairmined (ethically sourced) gold that features nearly 20 carats of fancy pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Inspired by her effortless confidence infused with strength, the limited edition RIHANNA ♥ CHOPARD Joaillerie Collection is defined by minimalist geometry and sharp, clean lines. A synergy of urban modernism and pure design gives Chopard’s classic Ice Cube shape a powerful sense of self.

The official debut of the collection will be in May and is designed to celebrate  the  70th anniversary of  the Cannes Film Festival. (This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Chopard’s Official Partner roll for the festival.) Rihanna has worn certain pieces in public, already, including floral chandelier earrings at the Grammy Awards. As such, pieces (expected to be in stores in June) can be pre-ordered in Chopard boutiques and via a dedicated website for the collection.