Salty Bag was founded a year ago by a group of young people from Corfu, Greece. They are specialising in recycling old sails into fantastic bags. And now they introduce us to their brand new Road To Rio collection.

Stratis Andreadis, Spyros Daikos and Chrysa Chalikiopoulou are the ones behind Salty Bag. They joined forces to create handmade bags from recycled sails. We met them a year ago and fell instantly in love with their fantastic work.

For those who have no idea what we are now talking about, Salty Bag was based on the idea of upcycling, combining sails which have a lifetime of thousands of nautical miles, obsolete materials and local industries, and creating aesthetically perfect, high quality bags and travel gear. Each product is meticulously and lovingly made by hand, is given a name from Greece’s unique naval background and has its own story in the country’s seas. In addition, each bag is accompanied by a booklet informing the owner of the previous life of the sail- the distances travelled, the high seas conquered and the stories regaled during moonlit evenings.

One of the basic pillars of the foundation of Salty Bag was the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility and it is within that frame that the idea “Road to Rio” was born. Their new line “Road to Rio” consists of bags from sails which have gained the greatest distinctions in Greek sailing. All the sale profits from the new line will be put towards supporting the Greek sailing teams for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Specifically, Salty Bag will cover part of the preparation costs for three Greek teams, hoping to compete in the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

“Salty Bag travels with the most unique stories to the most extraordinary places. We are also doing our bit for the notable effort of the three Greek teams to Rio,” says Stratis Andreadis, one of the co-founders of Salty Bag.

Specifically, Salty Bag will cover part of the preparation costs for three Greek teams: Sofia Bekatorou & Kostas Trigonis (Narca 17), Yannis Mitakis (Finn) and Pavlos Kagialis & Panagiotis Madis (470). The Road to Rio bags are made using the colours of Greece, the Greek seas and the Greek sky and interested parties may acquire them at prices beginning at 45 Euros.

The brand new Road to Rio line consists of 5 models, specifically: 

  • – “Ascania”, an adaptable woman’s shopping bag, spacious for everyday outings
  • – “Atokos”, a unisex document holder with the characteristic quilted pattern
  • – “Kimolos”, a unisex backpack
  • – “Marina”, a woman’s clutch for all hours with sea-blue lining
  • – “Cassiopi”, a unisex bag for weekend getaways by boat, the gym etc.


Salty Bag & Road to Rio Line Workshop Photographs: Alexandros Ioannidis – Salty Bag Portrait Photographs: Giorgos Kaplanidis.