Victoire de Castellane reinterpets Monsieur Dior‘s lucky star in the form of a wind rose – an eight-pointed star. A twist of grains encircles the medallion, which turns to switch between the hard stone or wind rose side.

The wind rose accompanied Christian Dior throughout his life, since his childhood in Granville, Normandy where the motif was scattered throughout the decor of the family home. Behind this timeless symbol of adventure and travel lies the rose, the couturier’s favourite flower, but also the star, the good luck charm that stayed with him always.

Reinterpreted in the form of a wind rose with eight points – Monsieur Dior’s favourite number – the star lies at the heart of a jewellery collection to be worn every day, like precious talismans.

The Rose des Vents collection features a distinctive double-sided medallion which turns on its chain. On one side, the eight-point star motif is edged with a twist of gold. The other side reveals gemstones or diamonds rigorously selected by Victoire de Castellane: mother-of-pearl, a symbol of gentleness, femininity and well-being; turquoise, which strengthens the balance of she who wears it; pink opal with protective properties and lapis lazuli, an emblem of serenity and friendship; onyx, bringing positive energy or diamonds, the embodiment of purity.

Discover the precious knowledge and savoir-faire of our artisans behind the creation of the “Rose des vents” jewels from Dior Joaillerie’s Creative Director, Victoire de Castellane in the video above. Enjoy!