Colette continues to get ready for Saint Laurent‘s imminent takeover with its exclusive range of product and the latest highlight is a collaboration with Polaroid Originals.

Colette and Saint Laurent have teamed up to brand the iconic SX-70 instant camera, which is known for its leather and metal construction that folds flat into a compact form for easy storage. The black leather is stamped with the Saint Laurent logo and the camera has been beautifully restored in its rare black and silver colorway.

As you know, Paris boutique Colette is near its end – which is extremely sad. But they are going out with a bang – another Parisian giant, Saint Laurent, is taking the first floor hostage and has some absolutely amazing things in store for us. Yep, as the last and final brand collaboration for the store, Saint Laurent really pulled out all the stops.

From lighters to skateboards, items emblazoned with the fashion house’s logo are on sale till December 20th. So get ready and take your credit cards out!