Marina Vernicos’ body of work presented in this exhibition consists of a series of photographs depicting seascapes. She photographs seascapes around the world using various exposure times and degrees of focus. The images, if not for their attributive titles (Polyaigos, Sifnos, Mykonos – Greece), are completely unidentified. Her expressionistic photographs do not allow the viewer neither to guess the location where the photo was taken, nor to understand where she has supported her camera in order to choose or to exclude a particular vision angle. She depicts the variability of environmental conditions –time of day, weather conditions – demonstrating it unaffected of its geographical location.

The artist withdraws her subject matters from nature itself: from colors, the fluctuations of the liquid element, from straight or irregular lines. All of the above assist the works not to be presented as mere representation of reality, but as images created to bring to surface what we feel and not necessarily what we see.

[Exhibition Curated by Anna Chatzinassiou.]


About the photographer:

Marina Vernicos was born in Athens. She studied Communications and Photography at Emerson College of Boston and Business Administration at Harvard Extension School. Since 2001 she has showcased a number of solo and group exhibitions in distinguished galleries and museums around the world, such as the Museum of Cycladic Art in Greece, Museum of Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris. She has been awarded the prizes Sandro Botticelli at the Palazzo Giucciardi Bongianni, Florence and in France La Grande Exposition Universelle at the Eiffel Tower. Her work can also be seen in distinguished hotels, such as the Amanzoe and Nikki Beach in Porto Heli, Greece. She has published four books, and she is the founder and President of CREAID, a non profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creativity and art.


About the gallery:

Skoufa Gallery opened in 1981 exhibiting works by contemporary Greek artists. Host of historically significant, contemporary artists of the 1930’s, the gallery aims to introduce the then-emerging generation of Greek artists. In 2000 the gallery opened its additional space on the first floor of the building to feature a selection of fine art pieces and exhibitions primarily by emerging artists who demonstrate innovative ideas in painting, sculpture, works on paper, design objects, and ceramics. Skoufa Gallery is committed to promoting the polymorphic character of art in the contemporary age.