Grey London has unveiled its first work for Volvo Car Group: a beautifully-shot, highly sensory film urging the viewer to #SeekFeeling – a dramatisation of Volvo’s human-centric ethos.

This quietly epic short film, directed by Marcus Söderlund, the global TV campaign for Volvo’s existing XC60 model, is introducing some of the pillars that underpin ambition, simplicity, authenticity, Swedishness, and the same level of design quality and craft that goes into the brand’s cars.

But, back to the film, it is all about movement; about dynamism and intuitive response – the visceral, emotional experience of the Volvo XC60 brought to life.

And although the protagonist remains the XC60, it is that lone figure, sitting on her surfboard, staring out towards the horizon, waiting for that perfect wave, that perfect swell to rise, that perfect moment, that turned our heads. A gorgeous 46-year-old woman. Lisette Forsyth. A brilliant, extremely talented artist and painter, based in Cape Town. That not only was at ease in the ocean as a lifetime passionate surfer, but she had a beautifully graceful and serene look too. Clearly a woman who spent every day of her life not only seeking that feeling, but…feeling. Really feeling. Everything. Deep inside.

Lisette Forsyth has her studio in Woodstock, an industrial part of Cape Town. “I feel a sense of productivity in the air. I also find the people that live and work here colourful with a laziness to every move they make, the weathered and graffitied buildings are also an ever changing inspiration“, she says. Being herself an admirer of artists Paul Edmunds and Brett Whitely, this does not come as a surprise. “Every day is an inspiration . The need to revel and reflect life’s beauty drives me to create. To share the delight in the seemingly ordinary“, she adds.

The perspective in this film is pretty special; it´s not a first person perspective. Although it is centred around a woman. The whole way through it’s the viewer’s film and view. Working in the element of water is fantastic – there is so much you just can´t predict or control. If you embrace that, you can get imagery you can’t even dream of,” stated Marcus Söderlund, Director of the film (and Swede).

As very specific weather, moonlight and tidal conditions were required for the highly technical shoot, the time of year made shooting in Sweden impossible. Instead, the film was shot in Durban, South Africa. After looking at dozens of potential locations, Durban emerged as the only that could provide the essential quartet of good waves, high-quality levels of moonlight, shark nets and – most importantly – an area which closely resembled Swedish environments.

Thumbs up to Volvo – for creating an extraordinary, passionate short film. But, most importantly, for introducing us to such an extraordinary, passionate woman, Lisette Forsyth.