The whole world got to know  New York – based model Soo Joo Park from her Chanel ads, but the catwalker is now adding another role to her résumé: that of the creative adviser to Caeden.

Park has partnered with Caeden, a just-launched line of sleek headphones that will appeal to design obsessees and music nerds alike. She’s been a part of the creative process since early on, and not just behind the scenes—Park also models for the brand and stars in a short video, which you can watch below. In honor of the launch, we chatted with the model about her degree in design, her music taste, and her theme song. Read on for more.

I became friends with David [Watkins], one of the founders of Caeden, when he was originally working on Adopted, the brand that he started that makes iPhone and iPod cases. We met up when I was in Paris for fashion week, and he was telling me that he was there for a meeting with a potential business opportunity, and then he told me all about Caeden. I’ve been modeling full time for a few years now, but before that I was studying design and architecture in college and had a little bit of a job in between as a graphic designer, so I’ve always been into design, and the way he described the brand seemed very interesting. That’s kind of how it started”, she told


What does Soo Joo Park’s New York soundtrack sound like?

My NY soundtrack is kind of like New York. It’s very eclectic and diverse.”

  • Jasmine by Jai Paul
  • Cheree by Suicide
  • Bleak Bake by King Krule
  • Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky
  • 212 by Azealia Banks
  • If It Wasn’t True by Shamir
  • Queen of Chinatown by Amanda Lear
  • Rolling Down the Hills by Glass Candy
  • Steal My Attention by Tokimonsta