Darian Volkova is a Russian ballet dancer who began her photographic project “Soul in Feet” a year ago, on Instagram, featuring the absolutely stunning movement and elegant lines of dancers.

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the classical dancer (who picked up photography as a hobby four years ago) offers insights into her profession, paying homage to the performance art, capturing soaring leaps, graceful lifts and delicate poses.

Whether the subjects are practicing at the barre, performing on stage or posing just for Darian Volkova in a series of challenging and beautiful positions, the pictures nail it every time.

Hypnotic and elegant to watch, ballet is a fascinating art that many of us enjoy watching. It is fantastic that she gives us the possibility to take a peek behind the curtain and see the inner workings of ballet. Of course, what looks so graceful and effortless on stage actually requires years of hard practice behind the scenes. But her images let us dream of the impossible. For us.

Thank you, Darian Volkova. For the magic.