Thalatta Concept was created by Xeni and her husband (and best friend) Victor one summer day, back in 2012. In fact, this was the day after their wedding ceremony.

Both born and raised in Greece, on the island of Spetses, proud of their country and its beauty, Xeni and Victor decided to create this project in order to share with the world their view of Greece – filled with memories and feelings from their own experiences.

So first, they dove into the majestic world of prints. And for these prints, used on their pouches, they used photographs they took, while on vacation together. And without knowing it, they were indeed making the absolute summer clutch. Perfect for the beach, as well as for the city.

But this was not enough for them. Soon they introduced us to their latest craze: fringed bags made entirely of soft leather.

We just couldn’t help it but love them all. That’s the thing with love, you see. Once you feel it, you can’t help but let it inspire you. And then you simply can’t let it slip away.


Do note this: Thálatta (θάλαττα, pronounced [tʰálat̚ta]) is the Attic form of the word, in Ionic, Doric, Koine, Byzantine, and Modern Greek it is thálassa (θάλασσα – sea).