The 2013 Odyssey collection of Bjørg Jewellery is a visual scenario of colours and materials merging and melting.
Before we talk about the 2013 Odyssey Collection, we’d better start introducing you to the artist herself. While living in India in 2004, artist and designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen was inspired to start her own company, Bjørg Jewellery. Although raised in Northern Norway, Bjørg has since taken to a nomadic lifestyle and currently travels the world on a constant hunt for design inspiration. As an artist known for her highly conceptual approach to design, she is equally driven by a respect for nature and finding that perfect balance between the raw and the refined. Her trademark is the use of rough precious stones and crafted metal textures. All pieces of Bjørg Jewellery are handmade and all materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation.

“From his tiny hut deep in the forest, the philosopher saw how cold things grew hot, the hot cool, the wet dry and the parched moist…

Reflecting on the eternal change and perpetual flux of nature, the 2013 Odyssey Collection from Bjørg Jewellery is a visual scenario of colours and materials merging and melting. Precious specimens and vibrant opals grow from dark metals, wooden shapes and textures meet luminous substances, liquids and psychedelic colours. All blending and transmuting into new forms and nuances. Encapsulating the playful and surrealistic signature expression, this year’s Odyssey collection also transmutes the seemingly contradictory states of dream and reality.

While the 2013 Odyssey Collection of Bjørg Jewellery is designed to be worn, we insist that it would be better be displayed as pure art, hung on a wall. Note, that stockists are high-end jewellers, fashion boutiques and galleries across the world.