Louis Vuitton has launched “The Art of Packing”, a branded video designed to help travellers optimise their luggage space.

Louis Vuitton’s luxury luggage branding over the last year really ignited our desire to travel as often as possible.  Luckily they’ve now released part 2 of their series The Art Of Packing, so you can keep all your jackets, suits, and jeans neat and tidy in a snap.  The series features the luggage purveyor’s new Zepher rolling suitcase.  Whilst showing the functionality of its Alzer, Pégase and Keepall suitcases and items that are necessary to bring on a trip such in this interactive experience.

The experience allows you to interact with the items and follow the folding instructions step by step, or simply play the video below and watch the process.

The Art Of Packing is a clever and sleek way to present not only its luggage collection, but also the wide range of apparel, shoes and accessories.

Below you can watch the Louis Vuitton videos, showing you how to best pack jackets, jeans, shirts and more.


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