Vasso Papazisi, the owner of Cook Lobby is one of those Greeks who boldly decided to not let the crisis influence their judgement and came back to their country in order to create something. Something she had long dreamed of. While living abroad.

And indeed she managed to create an authentic and yet modern taverna with a warm atmosphere. The ambience is so relaxing that feels like home – with candles everywhere and the open kitchen in full view.

The concept of this new bistrot which opened recently in Glyfada is to serve familiar greek cuisine with modern twists. And Mentzelos Drosopoulos is the kind of executive chef that will impress you, even with small plates. The chef has added fennel at tzatziki, sesame at the grilled aubergines, honey to aged Gruyère, parsley at the fish roe salad. Small little details that endorse his signature. And I personally always enjoy those little twists when it comes to a traditional Greek plate. I liked all their grilled stuff (made with respect to those who are on a diet): juicy burgers ala grecque, topped with fried eggs, chicken kontosouvli. All the pies are made with hand made Greek phyllo pastry and filled with all kind of greek cheeses. And they serve great salads as well, all with fresh vegetables which they get by local farmers.

Home baked fresh bread gives the whole place a motherly aroma which is essential. The prices are reasonable, since you can have a wonderful full menu for less than 30 euros! A great wine catalogue is offered but you can also try the home Agiorgitiko offered. Plus: they probably have the best delivery service in the whole area!

Who would think that Greek gastronomy of the finest, in fact, signed by such a great chef, could be delivered to your home in such an affordable price? And by the way, they are also into preparing great finger food for your kid’s parties at home. So forget cooking yourself for so many guests! You can order everything from the Cook Lobby and later pretend (as you probably already sometimes do) you cooked it yourself!

Cook Lobby

Agiou Ioannou 13, Glyfada



T: +30 21 0968 0031