Hermès is seriously contemplating about picnics and croquet, and there are quite a few Birkin bags involved into this. These four short films, directed and mastered by Simon Cahn are simply divine.

The latest crop of leisure-themed stop-motion spots, “Vive Le Sport” is touting its Spring/Summer 2013 accessories with a play on park life. These four short videos, directed by Simon Cahn (who has worked with Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan) showcase the brand’s luxurious ambassadors (Hermès accessories and homeware) come to life, spending a day in the park. Hermès ties loop into croquet hoops, pillows snooze with pétanque balls, shoes play leapfrog, and the iconic Birkins watch the latest line of Hermès tableware play pingpong. And, of course, the brand’s beloved silk scarves make an appearance as flags. There is an air of spring, with the backtrack of tweeting birds, and it is just what is needed on a cold rainy March day.

Oh yes, this campaign puts the upscale label’s lesser known penchant for sports on display. we most certainly have been taken down the rabbit hole where shoes go parachuting and neck ties roll out as croquet hoops and loop de loops.


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