Introducing a very special collaboration and its fruit: the Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie® doll

Being a fashion doll collector for more than ten years now, I can tell it is not often that a doll, especially one coming from the most commercial of all doll companies, Mattel, will rock the waters of the collector’s rarified universe. But one doll of this kind became available for pre-order very recently. And this was the fruit of the collaboration with a very well known Paris fashion house: The Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie® Doll.

Hervé Léger is very well known for their endless variations on bandage/bondage dresses and accessories: harnesses, boots and so on. No surprise then that the doll in question would be wrapped in such a couture concoction. But they did not simply give Mattel their design and let them produce the doll. The Creatives behind the brand Hervé Léger, along with Mattel designer Linda Kyaw, designed the doll, her two outfits and corresponding accessories to match the high standards that the Paris fashion house has for their regular products. They even photographed her on their Instagram stream.

The bandage fabric and yarns of the two dresses are original Hervé Léger fabrics, made in the same factory as the “real” Hervé Léger dresses. And everything included (two dresses, two bags, two pairs of shoes, a harness) will be available in life-size replicas for ladies who want more then a well-dressed doll. The first look is a red haute bandage dress with a removable black harness belt, black gladiator boots and a signature black and gold clutch. The second look includes a black-and-white jacquard dress, open-toe booties and a black-studded clutch.

The doll is available to order on and at all Hervé Léger boutiques and selected Neiman Marcus stores in the US.

The price is pretty high though: 150$. Yes, she’s a collector’s dream (no more than 9200 units produced worldwide), dressed with Parisian flair and sexiness. Because she’s worth it.