Admittedly, Dior‘s J’adore is one of the most famous, signature perfumes out there. Now, it’s time for a new interpretation of it by none other than Victoire de Castellane, artistic Director for Dior Jewellery – to give it the haute couture dress it deserves.

The J’adore amphora is a precious showcase for an exceptional perfume. Although this object has already lent itself to various interpretations as well as jewellers’ and artists’ prestige editions, it is the first time that Victoire de Castellane, has provided her own interpretation of it. By stopping this eternal moment in its tracks, J’adore becomes a rare and precious jewel, of which only five are available worldwide. This object is both a jewel, and a showcase that is now carrying on the tradition of the Christian Dior Perfume House, by writing a new chapter on the art of bottling.

The Versailles estate is a very strong reference in the creative world of Dior in general, and for J’adore in particular. It is also the theme of my latest luxury jewelry collection that draws inspiration from the decorative features of the château, at night, illuminated by the glow of candlelight. I imagined a perfume bottle had been found in a piece of furniture at the Court of Versailles, like a jewel or treasure hidden away for safe keeping. If J’adore had been created in the 18th century, I like to think it would have been like that, baroque, suspended in time and space.” – Victoire de Castellane

Created in the best Parisian Fine Jewellery ateliers, this rare edition uses a technique that combines blackened silver with rose gold on the two faces of the ribbon, in a way that emphasizes the golden color of the perfume. The fragrance and the metal thereby contrast in a play of colors and light. The Baccarat crystal amphora remains completely transparent, as though there was only the perfume, and a bow embellished with 10 pear cut diamonds and 30 round cut diamonds. It is as though the perfume were still, only coming to life when the precious ribbon is pulled undone.

I think of fragrance as an expression of sensuality, much like jewelry. I started with the idea of a completely transparent bottle, as if there were only the perfume and the bow, as if the fragrance were motionless and undoing the precious ribbon would bring it to life. The ribbon is an essential feature of Dior style: it exudes sensuality by the rise and fall of its curves, by its very symbolism. To untie a ribbon is to undress. And take possession of what was bound by the ribbon. When you see a bow, you can imagine untying it. My work always contains an element of eternity that I convey by freezing the movement when it is at its most beautiful.” – Victoire de Castellane

The J’adore L’Or Édition d’Exception is available in only five 100 ml pieces worldwide. J’adore becomes a rare and precious gem that perpetuates the long tradition of Dior Fragrances with a new chapter in the art of the Dior bottle.