Now that the year is about to end, I’d like to take a moment and say something I never would have written before – because my private life is perfectly protected.

This was by far the hardest, toughest year of my life. The one that almost cost me my eyes and sight, the one that changed me, the one that almost broke me to pieces. But at the same time, it was the most surprising year of all. The one that swept me off my feet. The one that brought me joy and a lot of laughter, true friendships and unique moments that money can’t buy. The one that made me appreciate women solidarity and empowerment. The one that showed me that absolutely nothing is impossible. The one that proved that true luxury constitutes of the unforgettable fragments of time.

So when quite a few asked me, where I will be on NYE, I smiled. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be alone. Wear a dress I love, or two, be barefoot on the sand, by the sea – the place I love the most on earth. Or wear my favourite combat boots. Doesn’t matter really. Nor does it matter that temperatures are falling below zero the coming days.

What matters is that I suddenly have this urge to celebrate every moment of the year that is finally coming to an end. Every single one. Celebrate myself for a change. All decisions I made, all the times I fell just to rise back up, all the mistakes. Celebrate the year that showed me beyond any doubt: how you spend your time, will ultimately become the barometer of your happiness.

Sure, NYE is supposed to be celebrated with your loved ones. But I have decided I need this little getaway on my own, this little fragment of time. This will be the gift to myself for this coming year.

The great gift of celebrating one’s self.

And being a proud member of the #MoetSociety, it would not come as a surprise really, if I chose Moët & Chandon for my private celebration. But not just any bottle…

As the world’s leading champagne Moët & Chandon has always been an influential figure in creating new celebratory customs. The iconic French Champagne House believes celebration is an essential part of life and introduces the first ever Champagne Personalisation Machine. Personalisation is available at no extra cost for the Moët & Chandon Imperial range, from Mini (200ml) to Methuselah (6L) bottle.

Just follow my Instagram stories, and I will inform you about when and where you will be able to have your very own bottle monogrammed – within the city of Athens, Greece. If you live abroad, simply contact the French House. They will be more than happy to help you.


Cheers to you all, wherever you are. Here’s to a bubbly and adventurous 2019!