The brainchild of Pietro Quaglia and Indochine’s Mina Soliman, Pietro Nolita is centred around Italian food and drink, albeit with a few New Yorker touches. Yes, it is shamelessly pink, extremely instagrammable and definitely the next big thing in Manhattan’s dining scene.

Owners Pietro Quaglia and Mina Soliman wanted to create a little hideaway that was similar to the pastel-colored restaurants that dot the seaside of Santa Margherita and Portofino, near Quaglia’s native Milan.  The duo recruited interior designer Jeanette Dalrot to transform the 950-square-foot space into a pink paradise.

Pink is a very chic color,” says Quaglia to Architectural Digest. “It’s also a color that was heavily used by the Memphis Group. I am too young to remember the movement, but I think their work was engrained in my memories while growing up in Milan and helped shape what I wanted for Pietro Nolita.”

In other words, if you’re in NYC, go, God’s speed!

// 174 Elizabeth St., New York;