The name PARRICE is pronounced Paris [Pah-rEEs], just like the name of it’s creator, 25-year-old architect Paris Karnezis, who has spread his love for architecture from University College London to Greece by creating this magnificent resort puzzle of flat sandals, bags and handmade silk foulards.

The collection emphasizes in intricate patterns and introduces a new concept in lace made by leather. Archaic geometric patterns and warrior influences overturn and coexist harmoniously with perspex finishes and materials such as plexiglass and transparency. 

Abstract forms and edgings designed with brush, having illustrated to the technique of silk printing on fabric using degrade water colours, exudes elegance and intense visual interest. Natural materials and meticulous finishes structures the collection with an emphasis on high quality but also great detail.

Thumbs up, Paris. Majestic work! We just can’t wait to see your next collection.