The Starbust collection was designed by David Yurman specifically for his wife and created in for his customers to honour the women in their lives. We love every bit and sparkle of it. And still want every piece, desperately.

David Yurman is about craftsmanship, quality and, most importantly, design,” said Billy Paretti, chief marketing officer of David Yurman, New York. “We want both new and existing customers to understand the inspiration and the stories connected with our collections. And we love the story behind Starburst,” he added. “The DNA of the brand is born from David and Sybil’s shared background as artists – David as a sculptor and Sybil as an accomplished painter.Visually, the Starburst collection is truly illustrative of the collaboration between them.”

Mr. Yurman explains that Starburst was made to recreate the feeling of when you see fireworks or shooting stars.

It all began back in 1942. David Yurman was born in October in Manhattan. Sybil Yurman (née Kleinrock) was born in December in the Bronx. Only two months and a few miles apart, their lives would one day become intertwined through love, art, and design. Their lives collided in 1969. David met Sybil while working for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp in New York City. She would become his co-creator, his partner in business and life.

But it was the year 1980 that changed their lives forever: David Yurman, the brand and company, was finally created, and later that same year received the Jury Award from the World Gold Council for the Starlight necklace, a precursor to the iconic Cable design.