Tim Walker welcomes you to the magical Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House in London (to January 27th 2013).

It is accompanied by a series of events that feature many of Tim Walker’s long-time collaborators and uncovers the influences and stories behind his majesty’s truly fang-tastic work.

Tim Walker certainly needs no introduction, whatsoever, since he is indeed one of the most visually exciting and influential fashion photographers of the world. He has learned his craft in the untraceable tunnels of Vogue magazine, working on Cecil Beaton’s archive. Later, he went on to assist Richard Avedon in New York.

Extravagant in scale and ambition, his photographs dazzle with life, color and humor, they are usually at home on the pages of the planet’s leading magazines (such as the British, French, American and Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, W and The New Yorker).

His imagination reminds one of the greatest fairy tale tellers of past years. He can be at times creepy, scary but definitely magical. His fans have made the acquaintance of the giant grotesque dolls or airplane replicas he used for the Italian Vogue. But he has no nerdy interest in light meters and gadgets, it’s simply about holding the camera up and, click, a perfect image. Which is just an other hint that leads to the fact that everything in his pictures is specially constructed, there are installations and a selection of the extraordinary props and models on show. Every shooting he is at, resembles more and more to a film set, where every single one of the participants (from the model to the stylist, or the make up artist) is playing out imagined roles.

And Walker, oh he is just harnessing creative and technical talents, for the sake of the result: a feeling of whole, even from just one click. A wonderful story of the Alice in Wonderland – world, told with one image.

Note: to coincide with the exhibition, Thames & Hudson will publish the coffee table book “Story Teller by Tim Walker”, featuring over 175 inspirational images, collages and snapshots from Walker’s personal archives.

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Until January 27th,  2013
East Wing Galleries