Oh there is a return to the musk-y, moody, undeniably masculine fragrances and leading the charge is Texan tuxedo-master Tom Ford and his Private Blend Les Extraits Verts.

While all four of the eau de parfums are unisex, the collection falls into two fairly distinct categories: two of these scents are for guys who favour a lighter, more floral vibe, and the other two are for those who prefer something richer and more woody.

Into the first category falls Tom Ford Private Blend Vert de Fleur and Private Blend Vert Bohéme. Then again, Private Blend Vert des Bois is at the sweeter, woodier end of the scale thanks to notes of plum and jasmine rounded off with a rich undercurrent of earthy tonka bean.

On the other hand, Tom Ford Private Blend Vert d’Encens is a very rare mix of summery and smoky in the same spritz. Rich, woody notes of incense, pine resin and fir balsam are both lightened with fresh lavender and lemon, and spiced up with a hit of cardamom.

They are all daring and intoxicating interpretations of perfumery’s classic “green” note.

Available at tomford.com now. Again, not only for him, ladies.