Tonia Sotiropoulou caught our eye back in 2012, when she landed the role next to Daniel Craig in the 23rd Bond movie “Skyfall”. And who can doubt that she wasn’t sinfully delightful on the screen? Having met her in person, we can assure you, she is much more delightful than sinful, however, we couldn’t resist the temptation to have her depict all Seven Deadly Sins – one after the other. And for one specific shot (“Gluttony”), we even had her hold a piece of raw meat, surrounded by crabs and raw eggs. Being a vegan, this was a real torture. But a Bond girl is tough enough to stand the pressure. Nevertheless, that was a year ago – to the date.

A few days after the announcement of Monica Bellucci being the next Bond Girl for “Spectre”, we decided to torture Tonia Sotiropoulou again. This time in a whole different way. With an interview. She accepted. And then we took it boldly a notch up. Since she never got to steal (or even crash) James’ Aston Martin (Quartermaster Q at the MI6 would get a heart attack), we gave her another chance to do so. With our Volvo V40, Ivy. Thank God, she does not have a valid driver’s licence (oh, the hidden irony). We did not leave the motor running, and kept the keys – just in case.

The car remained intact, in our possession. But our hearts… Those she did manage to steal. Again. See, Tonia Sotiropoulou embodies one of those rare cases of complete transparency. What you see is what you get. No question marks, no hidden thoughts. She is a beautiful, ridiculously clever woman, with a huge heart and a quite big mouth – she laughs a lot. And although extremely shy, she always says whatever comes to her mind. No filters, no barriers. You do not know whether you want to hug her and protect her from all evil, or torture her a bit more, just to validate the obvious. That she can handle everything (including that tremendous cold, during her shooting). As long as she believes in the outcome.

So in the end, you can’t help but actually adore her.


On personal style

Is there a piece in your closet that you keep onto for ages now and could not imagine throwing away?

My black leather biker jacket by Top Shop.

What was your last purchased item? Can you remember?

A cashmere hoody by 5226 by Nikos Krithariotis (not only a very talented designer, but also a very precious friend of mine).

What perfume do you wear?

Hypnose by Lancôme. Love it.

Do you wear a watch?

Yes. It’s called “Santorini Flower” by Folli Follie. 


Of course. My old time classic Ray Ban Wayfarers, black. Am very loyal to them.

Which are your favorite colors?

Black, white, grey. But they are not even colors, really.

Is there something you have inherited that you particularly love?

A Versace scarf by my mother.

Is there a piece that you desperately want to get soon? 

I’m not attached to any material stuff, so I never actually long for anything. If I like something and I can afford it, I buy it immediately. And that’s it.

Which fabric describes you best?

Jeans and cotton.

Name the woman you have looked up to, while growing up. 

Definitely my mother and, quite frankly, I wish I could be more like her. She’s the strongest and most caring person I know.

Do you drive a car or a motorcycle? 

No, neither. I’m not aware of space (a matter of the wrong perspective, laugh). Plus, I never needed it all the years I was staying in London. But I am ready now. So I will learn this year and pass the exam for the driver’s licence! Promise.

 What is the first thing you would teach your daughter, in things style?

Black is always chic.

Name the most stylish woman (dead or alive).

May I name two? Audrey Hepburn and Sofia Madouvalos.

You get to travel quite a lot for film settings, shootings. What do you always pack with you?

Jeans and a pair of black high heeled pumps.




What inspires you the most for choosing which film to participate to?

Challenge and transformation.

Which project that you did are you particularly proud of?

“Berberians sound studio” by Peter Strickland and “Skyfall” by Sam Mendes, of course.

Is there anything, a photo, a campaign, a project, a film, that you regret having done in the past?

Not really. And those that look kind of cheesy now, are still a laugh. So they were worth the trouble.

What film role were you (even a little) jealous of at some point?

Oh I was. And not just a little. “La vie en rose”, directed by Olivier Dahan. And the role of Edith Piaf, played by Marion Cottilard.  

Where do you imagine yourself to be in –say- ten years from now, professionally speaking?

I’d like to make three films a year. I just want to continue to play with my toys.

What would you ideally do next?

I think it would be about time to go back on stage. Theater. 

What is your current filming project?

I’m currently working on three great projects. For two of them I can’t really reveal a lot yet, but they are both set in England, that much I can certainly admit. But I am also working on a special project with my partner, Alexis Georgoulis, based on the story of “Miss Julie”. So, a movie. And a quite intriguing one.




Team Credits:

Photographer: John Athimaritis

Fashion Direction: Doya Karolini

Make-up: Sissi Petropoulou – using ΜΑC (makeup), exclusively

Hair: Manos Kopsahilis

Fashion Assistant: Maria Mantikou


Tonia Sotiropoulou is wearing dresses by Yiorgos Eleftheriades, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo and BCBG Max Azria (can be purchased online at Kalogirou). Jewellery and watches by Folli Follie.

Special thanks to Volvo Cars Hellas and Island Club