Anja Humljan was one of the first out there to successfully fund her Kickstarter project and therewith to publish her Urban Yoga book. But what was this really all about?

As long as our bodies will relate to real space, as our heart relates to our body, cities will remain blossoming, citizens will live a fruitful life, and as for architecture itself, it will continue to direct our consciousness back to the world and towards our own sense of being”, stated Anja Humljan.

Well, the Urban Yoga is not yoga as such. To her it isn’t. It is an architectural experiment changing the way we experience every day situations in an urban environment by focusing on your body and senses.

Artist, architect, dancer and yoga teacher Anja Humljan created the Urban Yoga project, inviting people to join and surrender with their whole body to what they smell, touch, taste, see and hear in order to experience how does their city feel. The resulting photographic series became a metaphor for the experiment.  As to how we do perceive the world around us, if we surrender ourselves to it with our whole body.

Thumbs up, a brilliant idea, indeed.