Victoria Beckham decided to john forces with Nails Inc. Delicate bone or vibrant tomato red? That is the question nowadays…

Created with stretch to fit technology that glides onto the nail for a flawless finish, and formulated with bamboo extract to help build healthy nails and ensure a perfectly smooth application, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc is the latest addition and the absolute best for your nails.

Developed to complement Victoria’s Spring/Summer 2015 fashion collection, inspired by the feel of the collection and its subtle Japanese elements, this collection offers must-have, new season nail looks.

Made with the finest Venetian glass, each bottle is hand frosted to reveal the hidden polish colours at either side, the new Nails inc glass bottle designed by renowned Creative Director Fabien Baron has been customised by Victoria Beckham for this collaboration.

Available in two colourways – matte white and matte black with matching caps: introducing Judo Red and Bamboo White, Victoria Beckham’s favourite colours. And ours too.

And do note this: Bamboo extract helps nails regain their natural shine, reduces nail ridges and imperfections, and promotes nail growth. Stretch-To-Fit technology is an elastic-like polymer that provides a flexible, self-leveling finish and increases the stretching and tensing properties of the polish. The result is colour that glides onto the nail and fits every contour, ensuring a perfectly smooth application.

Go get them, tigers. Because this is probably the chicest beauty launch of the year.