Ladies and gentlemen, let the animal within you roar. Introducing “We Are All Animals” by Lyon based artist Sylvain Cotte, known as SLip, we open the door to the extraordinary. 

The 20th century was particularly rich in incredible events. People easily became famous in many different ways. However, far from the excitement of the big events, life silently continued and John Doe’s routine would show excitement, against all odds. This wealth and variety supplied the basis for SLip’s “We Are All Animals” series of pictures, where animals take human’s place and openly mock the nonsense surrounding the world we live in. By the grace of the cyanotype, a primitive technique (forerunner of photography), mixed to the most modern techniques of digital cut, SLip suggests returning back in time and confiding again – this time, through animals.

This collection is constituted by 20 unique editions (size of 14,8 x 21 cm) printed on paper (340g.).

About Sylvain Cotte / SLip

Working since 1998 in the environment of the music by taking charge in particular of the graphical part of Apple Jelly and the realization of the communication of diverse events (festivals, album covers, flyers, etc ..), SLip worked in parallel on its own universe where collide references to the pop-art and to the Soviet minimalism, the primary colors and the desaturate seventies.

Through his collages, he transports us in an imaginary world in which animals go to the work, the tyrants confide a difficult adolescence, the femmes fatales have problems of make-up. This vision moved by the universe in which we live puts its focus on parts abandoned by the history and the revisited everyday life becomes the compost of its imagination.

In 2009, SLip decides to go out and proposes its creations within a blog illustrating its work personal as its diverse collaborations in particular its implication within the League of Football Without Head.