Wearable Foods is an eye-catching series by Korean artist Yeonju Sung that presents a line of edible fashion. Using a variety of ingredients as her medium, 26 year old Yeonju Sung has constructed a multitude of garments with consumable goods that include bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, bread, eggs, and even bubble gum. A project she started two years ago. And yes. Her work is transient in nature, beginning a move toward oblivion the moment they are created. So it is nothing but an illusion, at once tangible and simultaneously only seen through the medium of the photograph.

I drag out the types of images that can only exist in my mind and imagination into a reality and yet, it eventually disappears. I have physically made these images, but they are the creation of illusion and ultimately what you see is the images of phantoms. My works remain as the medium of photographers, and it holds the time and makes us believe that the creation does exist in the real world“, says Yeonju Sung about “Wearable Foods”. “As time goes by, the food from my work do go through a progression of disappearance due to the nature of food and gets gradually changed into the hideous state fading its shape and color in the process“.

While one may categorically define Sung’s good-enough-to-eat collection as sculptural foodwear, it is just as much a photographic series. The artist explains, “I create my own world of reality by generating a completely different set of images that contradict the conventional notion of food and clothes”.

Born in Seoul in 1986, the artist still lives and works (wonders, really) in Korea.