Two years ago, MrPorter named him one of the eight most stylish men worldwide. Mr Harris Davlas, most probably the sleekest Athenian gentleman with tremendous communicative intelligence and impeccable manners, is a successful PR specialist (Managing Director of Davlas and Partners), notoriously known for the top class events he organizes for his giants of clients.

A noble hunter on his journey to define elegance, style and, ultimately icons, it was only a matter of time before he decided to start his very own blog and biggest adventure up to this day, InIconsWeTrust.

Icons are everywhere. In all facets of life. They can be subjects, objects, patches on Earth. When put together, icons form an immense imagescape open to multiple interpretations. Fascinated by this, I thought of the three things that inspire me the most: Fashion, Journeys and Interesting people. And then came In Icons We Trust. With a blend of men-targeted style photo shoots, pictures of journeys around the world and inspirational works of people I admire, this website goes out to all those dapper, curious, well-travelled men that can’t help the urge to acquire”, says Harris Davlas.





Is there a piece in your closet that you keep onto for ages – a real classic you can’t imagine life without?

A camel coat from Club Monaco. I bought it 6 years ago and it is still contemporary and cool.


Which are your absolute favourite colours?

Blue, Blue and blue. Basically every shade of blue just draws me in…


Is there a piece of clothing or accessory that you have inherited from your father/grandfather that you adore?

Unfortunately not, but I can think of a lot of pieces that either my nephews or maybe my kid someday will inherit from me, like my collection of Swatch watches that I started 10 years ago.


What is your all time favourite watch to wear? Your beloved treasure? Favourite shoes? Eyewear? Beloved perfume?

  • My collection of original 60’s knitted ties given to me by my best friend’s dad
  • Gucci horse bit loafers in any color
  • An OMEGA seamaster co-axial chronograph
  • My custom made Tortoisesunglasses by Deep Shallow Exposition
  • Intenso by Dolce &Gabbana


Name the man you have looked up to, while growing up. Who inspired you to the man you have become?

Growing up I was not into style or icons. The need to be stylish and create my own personal style derived from my trips abroad, my visits to Galleries and museums and studying art &design. It was then that I got fascinated by the iconic looks and personalities of Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack.


Do you drive a car or a motorcycle? 

I prefer motorcycles, so after changing a few, I am now happy with an original Vespa…..


Name the most stylish man on earth to you (dead or alive).

Lapo Elkann.






Who are your favorite artists of all times?

Ryan McGinley, Fransesco Clemente, Alexis Akrithakis. 


What is time for you?

Time is where and when we create our memories, we build our personalities and we achieve our goals.


What is the most important lesson you were ever taught?

Be humble. I somehow forgot this important lesson many times in my path but I always come around to it.


What is your motto?

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”.


What is your creative modjo?

Fear of not being relevant anymore.


And women? What role do they play in your life? Describe the ideal woman.

A source of inspiration, a helping hand, a force to accelerate my career. Women have always played an important role in my life. They are the best of friends and the fiercest critics.

The ideal woman is elegant, strong, sophisticated, independent and of course stylish to the maximum.


Could a woman become a subject of #iniconswetrust?

That’s what we hope for in the future. To be able to honor women as well in our website. That would be fantastic.




-ON WORK / #InIconsWeTrust:


What inspired you to create#iniconswetrust?

A need to channel my creativity and the culture I see in fashion,in the doom days that followed the crisis.


How tough is it to mix strict business with strong creative emotions?

It can be very tough if you don’t have a vision. Once you do and you are passionate about it and you can convey that vision to your readers and clients everything goes smoothly, because everything is simply a part of your self. Different but same.


Has the way people think and consume changed, over the course of the last years?

Globally and locally yes. Internet played a vital role for both information and means of buying products. But the more democratic it has become, the more chaotic it seems, if you do not approach it with knowledge and a strong sense of self.


What does#iniconswetruststand for? What does it represent?

We created IIWT out of love and a necessity to offer the modern man icons/images and ideas of how they should dress, travel and appreciate some creative ideas/art. We also wish to present people who combine extreme talent with class and a personal approach to fashion that makes them unique case studies. An icon is a 1000 words, that’s our motto, that is what inspires us everyday.


What are you particularly proud of?

Our award at the Marie Claire Blog Awards 2015 – as the Best Men’s Blog. And that everyday more and more brands trust our instinct and work with us, creating fascinating content.


Who would you ideally want to interview (and dress up) next for #iniconswetrust?

Lapo Elkann, as well as Alessandro Sartori and Milan Vukmirovic.


Describe the ideal #iniconswetrust follower and reader. What kind of a man is he? 

Any man who loves to get inspiration for the way he dresses, who enjoys fashion and style but not necessarily copies what he sees online or in print but who takes it all in and then creates his unique style, his own persona.


How easy was it to come forward and step in front of the lens, managing, this time, yourself and your own philosophy? Do the same rules apply?

I always remember to treat myself as part of the brand that is IIWT. Because it is such a personal project I am very much involved but in the end, what is good for the brand is beyond myself. So, yes, it has not been difficult, and I have so many years of experience to thank for this!


Where do you imagine yourself to be in –say- ten years from now, professionally speaking? 

I do not see what I do now as a stepping-stone for something different in the future. I love my work so much and it is so much a part of my life, both the agency and IIWT, that when I close my eyes, I always dream of building it further, better, stronger.


Describe a typical work day of yours in Athens.

E-mails, gym, meetings, phone conferences, photo-shoot, more meetings, sometimes, in between, a meal, and then back home reading, browsing the net and looking for inspiration in everything around me…