Where I See Fashion is a blog -run by Bianca Luini, a fashion design graduate living in Milan, Italy – about fashion and everything that inspires it, such as art, design, nature, photography and many more. She likes to choose beautiful fashion related pictures and match them with photos that she finds related to them for different reasons, for instance colours, shapes, sensations, concept.

I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful pictures that I find here on tumblr and I’ve always felt like a needed to do something more than just reblog them, I wanted to find a different way to express myself. The idea behind this blog came while I was doing image research for a uni project, when by chance I saw two pictures near each other and I suddenly noticed they were related somehow. Since then I couldn’t stop noticing similarities in other pictures all over the Internet, so I decided to organize them by pairing them.. and that’s when I started WISF, in summer 2013. I never thought it would go so far, I gave it the first name that came to my mind!”, says Bianca Luini. “I save a lot of pictures every day so I have built a sort of personal archive where I keep everything I find beautiful and interesting, and I use this archive to create my matches. This is a process that can take a second or weeks, sometimes I’m lucky enough to find two photos at the same time that perfectly go together but usually I find the perfect pair after a few days. Or maybe I don’t find anything for a week and then I create 15 matches in a day. It’s not a regular or determined process, it kind of just happens when it’s time!,” she adds.

Fantastic work, thumbs up Bianca.